Soul Searching Starts Today 

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

Oh, the joy of Spring is in the air. A season for regrowth and new beginnings is running its course. Beauty is growing, and this beauty does not limit itself to trees budding or flowers blooming. I feel as if sometimes we forget that these intriguing beauties can grow and build in our own souls. 

This time of newness is a great time to simply begin something new. So, I figured, ” Hey Cami, let’s challenge yourself this season. Start something new. ” 

I’ve always been an avid writer since I was about four feet tall and catching frogs from my grandparents pond ( I’ve changed quite a bit over the years ). But, my desires did not stop at simply writing. I have a massive desire to be heard in this world. 

There are many things we use to express ourselves on this earth. Photos, songs, fashion… the possibilities are endless as long as we don’t limit ourselves, which proves to be more of a difficulty than it should. 

Any who, I’ve been wanting to start a blog for a while. Things like photos and videos are great forms of expression, but nothing touches the soul like a heartfelt choice of words. Words have power. They can limit you or push you into ideas and dreams that can change your life. 

My goals in life have always been three basic ( but not so simple ) ideas. 

1) To honor God and do what He calls of me

       This is many people’s goal, which is a great and important one. If you honor God, everything else will fall into place. I am quite the stubborn soul. I’ll be the first to admit that this takes MUCH effort from that sinful nature of mine ( but hey, at least I’m trying my best.) 

2) To positively inspire others and build them up
       In life, people have always been mean to me. I’ve been pushed down too many times to count. And I’m very sensitive deep down. Even the smallest of inferior comments still dig at me when I look in the mirror. These things never leave me. SO, I try to never put anyone down because of their looks or personality. I want to inspire everyone to be their OWN best and accomplish their OWN dreams. I hate being pushed down in life, but being pushed down helps everyone break free stronger than ever. 

3) Remembering the small things 
      Life is made up of so many small beauties and moments which most souls choose to forget. Be the person who is quick to pull out your phone and snap a picture of the pretty flowers on the side of the street, or your best friend laughing. Write in your journal when you are feeling a unique emotion of pain or inspiration. Look into your soul and explore the world through a microscope. The seemingly inferior details make up a beautiful picture. A picture almost too big to comprehend. 

Despite these life goals, I live the basic fifteen year old life. I have a Spotify playlist for everything from cleaning my closet to car rides down country roads. I am utterly obsessed with clothing and makeup ( and all those gosh darn beauty gurus on YouTube. ) I take pictures of everything, and I deeply love traveling and experiencing life to the fullest. 

I’m writing this blog so I can look back and remember my struggles, my changes, and my constant soul searching. So here’s to my online journal, public for your viewing, and hopefully an aid in your personal soul searching as well.
                                        – Cami 

                                               – 4•13•17 –


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