My Fitness Journey 

Okay so I really wanted to make a post about my fitness journey so that’s what I’m gonna do 🙂 
When I was in the fifth grade, I started playing club volleyball. I enjoyed it so much and had so much fun, but I was always sad and insecure because I thought I looked fat and ugly in my uniform. I was not naturally a little tiny girl like most, I was a little bigger and taller. Anyways, so even in fifth grade I thought I was fat. I thought the same when I was in sixth grade, and I even put myself on a diet because I still felt bigger than all of the other girls. 
In seventh grade, I found myself at the lowest point. I had thinned out, but my body was still awkward. I didn’t know anything about nutrition, so I didn’t really eat healthy or anything. I was still doing club volleyball, so after practice I would attempt to work out. 
In eighth grade, I started a new school and I became a lot happier and mentally healthier. I was still eating terrible but about halfway through the year I started to eat healthy. I also attempted working out, but I seriously had no idea what I was doing haha. 
Freshman year was when I started to ” glow up ” or whatever you wanna call it when you’re coming out of your awkward phase. I got contacts and colored my hair, I swapped out my weird clothes for new trendy outfits, and I tried to be someone I wasn’t. Trying to be a ” new me ” or whatever resulted in me once again, trying to lose weight. I STILL didn’t know anything about nutrition, so I literally would have a banana for breakfast, a cliff bar and carrots for lunch, and then I would BINGE every day after school. And when I say binge I mean binge. I would eat like four sandwiches and chips and have a Coke or a Dr. Pepper. This resulted in me being disgusted in myself and getting an even lower self esteem. Not having the proper nutrition also made me get sick literally all of the time. I missed probably half of the volleyball season and about ten days of school in ONE nine week period. Anyways, I eventually gave into my cravings for good and decided that I wasn’t gonna be able to lose weight or change my body. 
Having this basic teenage attitude of not caring really effected my body. I also never worked out, so I lost all of the muscle I had built for the past like five years. I never drank water, which made me not have good skin. I wasn’t happy with my body at all, but I kinda just gave up on health and fitness. I just accepted that I would be thick forever. 
In March, I decided that I wanted to be fit. So, I joined track. However, I was lifting twice a week so I just got even bigger! I didn’t know anything about fitness, and I just got more and more insecure.
Finally, when summer came I decided that I wanted to change for real and change the right way. I started off by cutting out meat and bread for a while , and then I started working out everyday. For about a month I really didn’t eat very much, which isn’t good, but it helped me drop ten pounds pretty quickly. 
Since school started, I’ve been pretty busy with volleyball, but I’ve still made fitness and heath a priority in my life. I eat A LOT of food, but I only eat food that is healthy and properly fuels my body. I also make a point to get lots of water in my body, and I usually drink about a gallon a day! I try to not consume any dairy at all, because I personally believe that all dairy is bad dairy ( but that’s just my opinion I’ve gathered ) I also make sure to workout everyday after volleyball practice for about 30 minutes, and my body is starting to shed more unhealthy weight. I’ve lost about 5-8 more pounds since school started, and I’m getting a lot more confident in myself. I’m going to try to lose about 7 more pounds and then I’m gonna begin toning my body up so I can still be skinny, yet strong. 
My health and fitness journey is just beginning, but I’m already so happy with my life and body now. I’m finding that I have such a interest and a passion for nutrition, and I’m considering being a nutritionist or dietician. Just know that if you are unhappy or insecure about yourself, you can start making little changes TODAY. Take care of yourself, and begin working on the body of your dreams! If you have any questions or concerns about diets or fitness, I’d be happy to answer or refer you to some of my favorite and informative novels and documentaries about the subject. Love y’all! Stay strong and motivated! ☀️🌻

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