My Love

So I’ve been wanting to write a blog lately about someone who is very, very special to me. This person is my amazing and caring boyfriend, Bryce. Bryce has literally changed my life for the better and has turned my perspective on life upside down.

Bryce and I met on Labor Day weekend, during a church camping trip. We didn’t really even talk that much during the trip, but we were with a group of people and we had a blast at beaches, bonfires, and late night card games. On the last night of our camping trip, Bryce and I stargazed together. In fact, I saw my first shooting star with him. This is really cheesy, but after that shooting star I literally fell in love with him.

Over the next few weeks, me and Bryce started texting a lot and really got to know each other. We hung out at church and things like that, and let me tell ya, I was totally thrilled when he sat by ME during the Sunday morning services. I was smitten over this guy who I’d been going to church with for two whole years and I never even noticed him before! Crazy, right?

Anyways, I didn’t know Bryce that well, so I for sure proceeded the relationship with caution. I didn’t want my heart broken by a boy I had just met! Anyways, I decided that if Bryce really liked me, Bryce would chase after me like crazy. And surprisingly, he did! He never gave up and kept chasing after me until I finally let my guards down.

When I let them down, a relationship began to build up. This boy liked me so much that he even drove TWO hours to watch my volleyball sectional. I seriously began to totally fall for him.

So, that’s kinda where things began, and things between us have been growing so much. It would seriously take me so long to write everything that has happened between us the past three months, so there’s how it began.

Bryce has changed me. He has been my constant rock, my best friend, and love all in one. When everything else fell apart in life, Bryce was always there to comfort me. He makes me feel beautiful, he makes me feel worthy, and he makes me feel like everything I do is important.

Bryce tells me that he wants to love me like Jesus loves me. And though no one is perfect, I know that he is doing an amazing job so far.

And maybe that’s what love is. It’s two people falling together at a time totally unexpected. It’s two people who have broken pasts looking past the imperfections and seeing beauty in the brokenness. It’s waking up at 4 am just to tell the other person good morning, and going to bed at midnight because the other can’t sleep. It’s about growing up together, and supporting the other person no matter what.

Bryce and I have only known each other for three months, but I’ve never met anyone like him. We’ve never argued, he’s never made me cry, and he’s never made me feel like my ambitions or ideas are impossible. He makes me feel like I have wings and that I can fly through life.

So here’s my advice to you- wait for your Bryce. Wait for the boy who will send you packages in the mail just because, or tell you that he’s praying for you. I promise you he’s out there. Just let God bring him to you, and things will be so perfect that you’ll wonder why you ever thought there was anyone else for you. God will bring someone who is your support system and your best friend. Someone who you can laugh with, talk about God with, and cry with. Bryce truly brings out the best in me, and I can’t wait to see what our future holds.

I can’t wait for the many more Sunday mornings we will share together, or our coffee dates, or our talks with my mom. He brings me good books, he takes me to goodwill, and he comes over every single chance he gets. It’s truly the little things that mean the most. I hope you all have a great morning and remember to wait for the one God has meant to be in your life during a certain time ❤️🤗

Author: camixdahms

Hello! I am a lifestyle blogger and college student. I hope you'll stick around :)

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