Stresses From School

Honestly, school is one of my biggest idols in life. I say this so bluntly because after reading this, you would have to be quite the oblivious person to not realize this struggle of mine. I wanted to write this because I want to change my ways and I want to help others change as well.

It seems like all I do is stress and worry about my grades. I check them at least five times a day, and I’m obsessed with raising them or getting that GPA that colleges deem as ” acceptable “. The obsession with getting straight A’s has been consuming my life for the past two years, because I’ve never been able to obtain these ” perfect” grades.

For the past three years, I’ve always been a A and B student. I hate it. A’s and B’s scare me to death because most kids applying for colleges I’ll be wanting to get into have A’s and B’s. A’s and B’s seem to signify that you aren’t trying quite hard enough. Almost there, but the goal is always out of reach for me.

I’ve already planned the next three years of high school and my freshman year of college. I’ve selected my preferred schools, and three safety schools. I’m already doing things in life that will better my college application, and I’m preparing myself for the future.

Some might say that this is very responsible, and the ideal way to plan for the future. The American Dream. Success. Money. Teens all over the country are going through the same anxieties as me. But what does this all lead to?

Our society is making it seem like the only way you can be somebody is to be successful and make money. How often do we hear about missionaries reaching to lost tribes and making a difference? How often do we hear of those who stop human trafficking, or save children from death every single day? Instead, we are flooded with celebrities who have more money than entire poverty stricken towns could wish for. We have politicians and businessmen setting examples for all MILLINEALS. Power and greed are taking over our county, and this is showing greatly in the intent behind getting good grades and into acceptable colleges.

Honestly, the only reason I want good grades is because I want good money as an adult. A stable income, nice clothing, and a few nice vacations each year. I’ve realized that my intentions are so ill, and it’s time to change.

It’s MOST important to honor God in all that you do. And God calls us to not worry about worldly things like grades or colleges. We should all try our best in school, but we shouldn’t make an idol out of school. Don’t let school and homework and projects and exams consume your mind. Don’t stay up until three am studying for a test that won’t matter in two weeks. Don’t sit out of youth group or bible study to do school related things.

Most pastors don’t mention school when they are talking about idols. But I feel as if school is the biggest idol of all. Good things can become idols.

I’m coming to realize that in the whole scheme of life, things like grades do not truly matter. If something so simple as school is giving you worries in life, pray that God will renew your heart and that you will be open to his comfort. HE is our greatest comfort.

John 14:27

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.

Author: camixdahms

Hello! I am a lifestyle blogger and college student. I hope you'll stick around :)

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