He is Good


Sometimes God breaks us apart so he can make us new. New, beautiful and pure. He is a merciful God. He forgives the deepest and darkest of sins. He transforms us into his disciples, willing to bow down at His altar.

He will slay us, He will ruin every Worldly thing in this life that we love. He does this to direct us. He preaches to us to take comfort in Him and to turn to Him when times are hard. It’s easy to get upset or angry at God and shut him out. It’s simply in our human nature. The past few weeks I’ve really been doing that, and I’ve had to humble myself and ask for forgiveness. I am glad that God reveals our eyes to our own sins. That He continues to soften our hardened hearts as we grow in our faith. I am so thankful that God has broken me, because now He can use me for His glory and put me back together again.

This year has been very hard for me and everything has 100% fallen apart more than I expected it. I’m done trying to be the girl who pretends she has it all together. None of us will ever have it all together. Though I have been so hurt, God is so good, and that is something I can always rejoice in.

He has a plan for me that I cannot even begin to comprehend. All I can do is humble myself and follow His path. Trusting in His Will is hard, but we as Christians need to yield in Him no matter what crazy things are happening in our life. Every heartbreak I have had this year has drawn me closer and closer to Him.

I realized that I used to pretend that my life was perfect. That I had it all together. Perfect friendships, perfect diet, perfect looks, and a perfect faith. But our faith in God is not about us at all, and I think that’s where I went wrong. Our faith is for first of all God of course, but I feel like we often forget that our faith in Jesus is for others to see the light and rejoice in it. We as Christians should never try to put on an image of perfection, because only God is perfect. We have all made mistakes, so don’t try to pretend you are better than anyone else! We are all the same in God’s eyes!!

I’m not a perfect Christian or person by any means, but I’m gonna post this because I want everyone to know that if they have an issue or need advice, I’ll be here! I really want to be here for people because I know how terrible it feels to not have anyone to turn to. My goal is to make my social media a platform of support and faith, and I think my blog can do that! So yeah feel free to message me or DM me if anyone wants to talk about anything! Jesus, clothes, food, I don’t care! I’ll be praying that this blog can change someone’s heart or open someone’s eyes to His goodness!!! Have a great weekend everyone!!!

Author: camixdahms

Hello! I am a lifestyle blogger and college student. I hope you'll stick around :)

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