Study Tips!

Hey everyone! So this week, I’m pretty swamped with exams, but I’m still gonna write a couple blogs for y’all! I’m having a really great week, and I hope you’re all having a good week so far too! On the 26th, I’ll be headed down to Virginia with my friend Sierra, so I’ll make a blog about my trip!

Anyways, back to exams. Exams used to stress me out a ton! Like to the point where I was in tears for the whole exam week. Now though, I don’t stress about them at all! ( well except my math one because math is my enemy hahaha ) So I figured that I could give y’all some tips on how to not be stressed for exam week!

1- Don’t procrastinate

This is probably the number one way to prevent yourself from stressing out! When you don’t procrastinate, you feel well prepared for your exams and you actually know the material. When you procrastinate, you often don’t pick up important details and usually don’t score as high! I remember I used to not study until the morning of the exam, and my grades on them were probably 5 points lower than they would’ve been if I had actually studied the day or two before!

2- Set up a good study environment

Sometimes I’ll be scrolling through Instagram or Pinterest, and I’ll see a desk or notebook that is soooo aesthetically pleasing that I just want to study! Try setting up a neat, clean, and cozy space where you can study! I also would recommend lighting a candle or having a cup of coffee or tea next to you so you feel automatically more relaxed! Sometimes people listen to music, but listening to music really makes me unfocused when I’m studying! If you like some sort of noise while you study, try listening to a study ASMR, which you can find on YouTube!

3- Take breaks!

I used to study like an hour at a time, and after an hour, my brain was totally fried! Instead of sitting down and cramming for hours at a time, try taking about a fifteen minute break every hour! That way, your brain will be able to relax and reset for your next study session. Take your fifteen minutes off to get on your phone, read a book, or talk to someone! You could also get a snack or go for a run! Whatever will help you get re-energized!

So, those are my few tips! I’ll be praying that everyone will have a great week before Christmas and that y’all will do well on your exams and stay motivated! 🙂

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Hello! I am a lifestyle blogger and college student. I hope you'll stick around :)

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