The Beauty in Ambition

In life, we often see people who have suchhhh a boring life. They don’t seem to have any real goals or dreams. They simply wake up, go to the job they really don’t like, and then they go home.

This typical and routine lifestyle is one that I am totally, 100% afraid of! Some people ask me why I would be afraid of this, and I can sorta see why. I mean, living a secure and routine life can be very comfortable and easy. BUT I don’t want to live a comfortable and easy life. I want to live a life where I accomplish all of my goals and where I take every risk I possibly can.

In life, I really want to be able to inspire and help others! That’s why I started this blog in the first place… to be heard! I love writing, and it will serve me well in life. I can only pray that my blog will continue to blossom and reach people who I could never reach in real life. Today, I was checking out my stats and realized that my blog has reached over 2,000 different people! Now, 2,000 doesn’t really seem like a big number until you think of it as more than just a number. I like to think of it as me speaking to a crowd of 2,000 different and unique souls. That seriously just blows me away!! So thank you to everyone who has continued to read and support my blog ever since my first one in April!

When I was making my 2018 goals list a couple of weeks ago, I wrote that I wanted to have 5,000 views on my blog by next December… however, considering the net growth that has happened just this month, I think I’m going to go for a extreme number… 20,000 to be exact! I’m for sure going to try my best to continue to put out good content for you all at least three times a week!

So, time for some other goals of mine…

~ I’ve been trying to write a book the past month… and I want to finish it and MAYBE get it published… that’s a big stretch but I am going to be grinding super hard to reach this goal!

~ This year is going to be the year of dedication to fitness for me, this will involve beginning bodybuilding, training for a MARATHON, and trying to become more confident in myself!

~ Another goal is to grow on my social media platforms, simply because that would be awesome. Lets be honest I think everyone wants to get more followers haha!

~ I want to be more adventurous this year. I wanna explore new places and do some new crazy stuff! This year will be all about being spontaneous and doing things that scare me to death.

~ The final goal is of course, to grow with God. I want Him to be my number one motivator for all of this, and all my achievements go to Him because He’s the one who has placed all of this crazy ambition in my heart haha!

So here I am, speaking all of these things into existence. Here we go everyone, lets do this! I hope you all make some crazy goals like me, and then make them happen! If you believe in yourself, you can truly accomplish the wildest of dreams.

I don’t know about all of you reading this, but I feel like I have a big, crazy, and exciting life ahead of me, and I can’t even comprehend what it is holding. Hopefully I’ll be able to do some missions for a while, go to college, write some books, and just inspire others! In life I’ve made it a priority to try and better myself everyday. Some times I fail, but in the long run, it is helping me so much!

Go accomplish all of your dreams and goals starting right now, I believe in you! Who cares if everyone thinks your crazy? The crazy people are the ones who leave an awesome mark in this World!

I wish you all a Merry Christmas! Have a great time celebrating with your families! Remember to surround yourself with people who motivate and encourage you always! Love you all 🙂 xoxo- Cams

Author: camixdahms

Hello! I am a lifestyle blogger and college student. I hope you'll stick around :)

2 thoughts on “The Beauty in Ambition”

  1. I wish you the best on your goals!!!! Just remember that if something isn’t working don’t change the goal change the plan! Don’t allow doubt or fear live in you! Make friends with faith! You got this girl! I pray you have a prosperous year!

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