Combating Insecurities

We all know what insecurities are way too well. Weather it’s looking in the mirror and seeing yourself as too fat or too ugly, making a friend delete a picture because you look bad, or wearing a ton of makeup to cover up our pimples, we all have them! Insecurities can totally dictate our lives if we aren’t careful, and they will consume our thoughts more and more everyday.

I struggle so much with insecurities guys! I’m sure everyone else has their insecurities, too. I struggle with thinking my thighs are too big, my ribs are too wide, and my nose is just weird. I know that when people look at me, they probably don’t even notice these things. Everyone just seems to get in their heads about everything, and it honestly makes me so sad.

Remember that no matter what makeup you put on, or how much weight you lose, you will never be content with yourself until you learn to accept and love yourself just the way that you are. The only way to be truly happy with yourself is to work from the inside out. You have to make sure you have the right mindset first, and then everything else will fall into place.

Another thing that really hits me is that when you are looking at yourself and hating what you see or hating your imperfections, you are hating God’s creation. We are made in His image. He made us exactly how we are supposed to be to properly serve our purposes in this World, and that should make us feel pretty content.

Now, here’s a little disclaimer- loving yourself doesn’t mean you are laying on the couch every single day, eating chips, and watching SpongeBob! Loving yourself means that you work out, eat healthy, and take care of your body because you want it to be healthy. As you all probably know, health will always be one of the most important things to me!

Health is about balance. It’s eating clean one day and then going out to a nice dinner with your family. It’s waking up early and exercising on Monday, and then sleeping in late on Tuesday because your body is tired. Just because we are trying to achieve that healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean we can’t occasionally indulge in the simple pleasures life has to offer!

In my life, insecurities sometimes totally take over. When I’m feeling sad or insecure, I’ve found that prayer is what helps me the most. Flattery or compliments are nice sometimes, but the security that God brings is a much more comforting thing than compliments from another person. If you have insecurities, it’s okay! Remember that no one is perfect, and everyone else has them too. 1 Samuel 16:17 tells us this :

But the Lord said to Samuel, ” Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outer appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”  

This verse comforts me so deeply, and I hope it will comfort you too! Lets all work on the beauty from the inside!! – Cami

Author: camixdahms

Hello! I am a lifestyle blogger and college student. I hope you'll stick around :)

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