Vacationing in Virginia 2017


Hey everyone! So as I told you a couple of blogs ago, I am going to be writing a blog all about my trip to Virginia. Even though it isn’t over yet, I still wanna talk about it now.

So I have never visited Virginia before, and it is seriously blowing me away. It is so cozy and the houses are beautiful. There are so many horses and wooded areas. The weather is about twenty degrees warmer than Indiana, and that makes me really elated haha! I love it so much, and hopefully I can be back here in a couple of years for college.

While here, Sierra and I have done a ton of shopping, bowling, and laughing. We always have so much fun together, and I am so thankful that she brings me on all of her trips. I am also thankful for her family, because through it all, they have became my family too. We all have so many memories together, and my life wouldn’t be as great without them.

At night, we always start off with some dance parties. We then always bowl because why not? I also made some money off of stupid bets, which is pretty great haha! To end the nights we all gather for a movie. It is so great to be able to relax and spend time with friends and family.

Sierra is such a great friend, and we have the best of times whenever we are with each other. She is the only person who has consistently stayed in my life ever since the sixth grade. She’s been there for me whenever I’m having problems with switching schools, making friends, or when I need any advice at all. Most friends will only be in our lives for a few years- time will change things and life will change as well- but there are certain people in life that will never leave. Hold onto them and never let go.

I know this blog is super lighthearted, but I just wanted to share with y’all about my trip! I hope your Christmas break is going as well as mine- Cami

Laughing at nothing probably
Shop til ya drop
Getting those strikes ( not )

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