2017 Memories & 2018 Goals



Hey everyone! So I know it’s a couple days into 2018, but I just wanted to post my goals and talk to you about some great things that happened in 2017! So up above you’ll see all of my goals  ( and words I didn’t spell right haha oopsies ) Anyways, I know I have some crazy and seemingly unattainable goals. The point of my goals isn’t to perfectly complete each task, it’s to complete as many as I can and see where they take me! This year, I want to do big things and really make an impact! Some of the goals are unique or a bit strange, but oh well! I’m gonna try to make 2018 a lot better than 2017.

2017 was seriously the hardest year of my life, but there were some amazing things that happened too! So lets take a moment to focus on the good!! I travelled so much in 2017, which makes me feel so blessed. I went to Florida, Tennessee, Saint Louis, Kentucky, and Virginia. I had Sierra as my travel bud for three of the five trips, and I couldn’t of went on two of them without her! Her and I have had a blast, and this year I know we will for sure be conquering Florida, New York City, and Maine or Colorado ( can’t make up our minds just yet ) Who knows where else 2018 will take me, maybe Virginia again? Who knows!

I spent a whole lot of time in Michigan this year. I went to the Dunes probably three times a week in the summer! I also went camping there which was a new and fun experience! I also spent some family time in Ohio,  which was also so much fun considering there’s a new puppy in the family.

I read A LOT of books in 2017. Even though I mostly read cheesy teen romance novels, I still read some books that totally rocked my world! In April, I started this blog, and now it’s my own little corner of the internet! At first I didn’t blog often, but now I blog all of the time! I blogged through the rough times and the cloud nine times, and hopefully this year I will be able to do the same!

In 2017 I loved deeply. I made sure to love everyone as much as possible because we don’t know when we will lose them. It hurts to have a heart that loves with everything it has, but I don’t like holding back my emotions. 2017 was filled with so much heartbreak, but my heart is now stronger than ever, and I’m over being sad!

2017 wasn’t really a significant year, but it was sure interesting. There was never a dull moment. Lets all make 2018 the year filled with laughs, love, happiness, and Jesus. Have a great evening, everyone. I’ll include a few of my favorite pictures from 2017 below.


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