A secret to happiness is letting every situation be what it is instead of what you think it should be- Anonymous

Today I was looking at quotes and that is one that really stuck out to me! So I decided that today I am going to talk about happiness. Happiness is one of the easiest emotions to feel, but it is also one of the hardest emotions to maintain.

I feel like personally, this year, I’ve totally let other people drain me! I think that this has made my life not as great, and I’m so ready to change that this year. I’m learning that our true happiness comes from Christ, and outside influences should not impact our lives in any way other than positive ways and ways that help us grow as people.

To manage your happiness, the first thing I am going to recommend is turning towards Christ. Whenever you are feeling sad, you can pray or read your Bible to get your mind off of whatever is going on in your life.

I also strongly suggest talking to a parent or friend. Talk to people who really care about you, and people who genuinely want the best for you.  You don’t have to only go to trusted people when you are upset Talk to people about anything! I’m learning that you can’t solve your problems by shutting everyone out. Being alone isn’t a way to become happier- being alone and antisocial just makes you think about your problems more.

Reach out to others and ask them to hang out! Most of the time, they won’t turn you down. Also, if they don’t want to hang out for some reason then they for sure don’t deserve to be in your life.

Do things that you enjoy! Life is boring when you just go to school, go home, take a nap, and eat food. Have passions, have goals, have a purpose. What do you like to do in your free time? Maybe it’s drawing, working out, or blogging ( like me hehe ) Also, don’t be afraid of your passions. Having a passion doesn’t make you weird. Even if you are weird, who cares? Live your own life. Don’t live for other people. Live for God alone.

Life is about your mindset. Find the good in every situation. Be the good in every situation. Positive people make a positive world, just remember that.  SO drink your water, do your thing, and live for Christ. It’s really a piece of cake once you get it down. Put a smile on your face and conquer the world- Cami


Author: camixdahms

Hello! I am a lifestyle blogger and college student. I hope you'll stick around :)

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