How I Cleared My Skin


Hello everyone! So a lot of people have asked me how I cleared my skin, and today I am going to answer that question.

So when I was in fifth grade, I started to get super bad skin. I was really insecure about it because no one in my class really had pimples yet. It was sad for me. It continued to get worse and worse until the end of summer before I went into the eighth grade. This was pretty much when it was at its worse point. I visited the dermatologist and they gave me really strong medications.

I think my acne got so bad mostly because I was stressed and had put myself in toxic situations. So, if you’re having bad skin the first thing I would recommend is removing yourself from stressful situations. This will seriously help so much, I promise!

Remember that your skin reflects your internal health as well. So, make sure you are drinking a lot of water and eating healthy, especially if your skin is acne prone. I would recommend cutting out greasy foods and dairy.

My skin finally started clearing up freshman year, and this year it is basically 100% clear! For my skincare, I go super natural and I don’t use anything with chemicals! I use ivory soap morning and night, and then before I go to bed I put coconut oil on to moisturize. Coconut oil works excellent for me, but it doesn’t work for every skin type, so proceed with caution!

The last little tip I can think of is taking vitamins. The first vitamin I take is zinc, which is mainly for hair growth and strength. The next one I take is omega 23, or fish oil. Fish oil makes my skin literally GLOW. Start taking some right now! I take some other supplements too, but I won’t talk about those because they don’t help with skin or hair!

Also, if you’re a girl, make sure to get a really nice foundation. There’s a reason some foundation is three dollars and some is sixty. Go with the more expensive foundation. When I used cheap foundation, I broke out really bad and it also just did not look good at all haha. The foundation I use now is AMAZING and has totally changed my makeup game for the better. It is from the brand Elizabeth Arden and retails for only 42 dollars, which is really good price for how good of quality it is.

Anyways, that’s how I cleared my skin basically! Remember that consistency is key, wash your face twice a day! Hopefully my skincare tips helped you, and I hope you have a great weekend!- Cams

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