How To Achieve A Godly Relationship

Hey guys! Here’s a blog you might’ve seen on Elevated Faith that I wrote! You may have already read it, but here it is for everyone that hasn’t. It is probably one of my favorite blogs I have ever written. I hope you all had a great Sunday! – Cami 💓

You all know how it goes- you are living your everyday life. You are walking down the hallways, grocery shopping, or sitting at the beach. Suddenly, you see someone who interrupts your everyday life. You become instantly attracted to someone you don’t even know. You want their attention and their approval.

You begin talking to them, laughing with them, and getting to know them. You start falling for this new person who filled a hole that you never even knew existed. How did you ever live without them? Soon, you and this person begin a relationship, and this is where things can get complicated.

Relationships are hard. They take trust, love, and compassion. They take sacrificing for others, working hard to make someone else happy, and loving them no matter what.

Relationships seem like the best and most important thing the world has to offer. However, God did not create them to be this way. God created relationships to be pure and Godly. He wants them to glorify Him no matter what the circumstance.

You see, this is hard to follow because the World’s view of relationships are almost entirely opposite. The world views relationships as insignificant. They are used for selfish desires and pleasures. They are used to make one’s own image more appealing.

As a teen, relationships have been hard for me personally. I have made a lot of mistakes, but I have learned a lot about how to follow God in my relationships. So, I’m going to be sharing with you a few way I learned about how anyone can achieve a Godly relationship.

1- Transparency

Relationships should be transparent because they don’t hide anything from each other. Be open with your significant other. Let them know who you truly are, and don’t keep secrets from them. Let them know your struggles, fears, and goals in life. Transparency also brings trust, and trust is one of the main assets to a successful relationship.

2- Putting and Keeping God First

Sometimes, when you date someone and really love them, it’s hard to not totally become wrapped up with them. Often times you constantly think about them instead of God. Don’t let the person you are dating replace God in your life because no matter how cute your new boyfriend is, they aren’t perfect. They will fail you, just as you will fail them. However, God is perfect and God never fails. You can’t always trust in another person, but you can always trust in God. To keep God first in a relationship, try doing things like praying together before hanging out, doing couples devotions with them, and going to church with them!

3- Setting Boundaries

Setting boundaries is probably the most important thing in a relationship. Setting boundaries keeps a relationship in the right mindset. It shows that you truly respect each other and honor the other person. I know it’s hard because yeah, you really love the person; but if you really love them, you WILL set boundaries. Setting boundaries also keeps you from sin, which should always be priority to each and every one of us!

4- Communication is Key

Communication in a relationship is a very important factor. If you don’t have good communication with your significant other, problems will occur all of the time. Communication is also important so you won’t get in arguments with your partner. If you are dating someone that you argue with a lot, you may want to change something in your relationship and work on communicating better.

As Christians, we need to be holy, blameless, and show Christ-like attitudes. Keeping our relationships Godly and pure will help us become better Christians and follow God’s plan for us as closely as possible! I pray that my words today touched you, and I’d appreciate prayer for my own relationships as well. In conclusion, I’d like to share a verse with you!

John 13:34 : So now I am giving you a new commandment: love each other. Just as I have loved you, you should love each other.

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