My Weekend

Hey guys! So I am going to just be telling y’all about my weekend today. Sorry I didn’t blog this weekend, but I was with my friends and I just wanted to spend some quality time with people!

So back to this weekend! I got home from school and I did a really good bible study about self confidence and it was such a game changer honestly. I’ll blog about it later this week! Anyways, after that, I cleaned my entire room and I actually made it cute for once. That was really satisfying haha!

Then, some of my friends came over and spent the night. I had a lot of fun! We pretty much just ate food which was super great! After that at like midnight we colored our hair which actually scared me a lot because I’ve never used boxed hair dye before. It ended up looking really good, but I might color it even lighter next time because I love super blonde hair.

We stayed up til three and then the next day, I talked to my mom for a super long time just about life and everything which is always great. Then I went to Goodwill and got a super cute dress from Garage and a Ralph Lauren t shirt ( scoreee ) haha I love thrift shopping!

I love coloring, so then me and my friends colored a ton of these little Psalms cards!

On Saturday night I was sort of bummed out, but then thankfully Kyla helped me feel better because she’s seriously so funny and great. She also told me to talk about her in my blog haha so here you go Kyla 😉 also this is random but in the summer after eighth grade Kyla basically broke my nose with a volleyball… yeah my nose has never been the same since then 😂

And today, I went to church with Kyla which was so much fun. Later, we had lunch together and had an adorable photo shoot with my little sister!

After she left, I was in a super good mood. I realized this weekend how much happier I’ve been ever since I’ve been working on my relationship with Christ more. Remember that your worth and happiness doesn’t come from others. Your happiness comes from Christ alone. I’m beginning to understand that He’s the only one who can satisfy my soul, and I think that’s such a beautiful thing.

Now I’m sitting in a church parking lot, helping Sierra edit her Instagram pictures haha. Life is simple, but it’s so good. Tomorrow I’m going to be working on some worship songs for the Bible study I’m hosting!

Please pray that my bible study will really come together this week, and that I can touch others! Have a great week everyone, I’ll be praying for y’all! – cami 💓

Author: camixdahms

Hello! I am a lifestyle blogger and college student. I hope you'll stick around :)

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