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Hey y’all! So today I am gonna do a Q&A for you guys because a lot of people have been asking me questions about my blog and my life.

Where do you get your motivation to blog? 

My motivation to blog comes from… well me! I love to write sooo much, and it is so much fun for me to do! Plus it keeps me occupied when I’m home everyday haha! I also feel like God really calls me to blog sometimes about certain messages… plus it just feels good to get out my emotions in a positive way!

What are some ways to practice self-love?

Okay so I used to struggle with this… and it was so horrible honestly. Hating yourself literally sucks all the joy out of you until it seems as if it is gone forever. BUT I’m slowly getting my self love back, and it’s feelin soooo good! Some things I do to love myself are having a ton of dance parties, eating good food, drinking coffee, and praying a lot! Make sure to have a lot of Jesus in your life, because he brings us true and pure joy!

How do you stay encouraged when school gets hard?

When school gets hard, I try to just take a step back, chill out, and then plan! Taking a step back is important because it can get us out of our crazy stressed mindsets about our situation. Chill out by hanging with friends, watching some Netflix, and maybe coloring or reading a good book! Then, you gotta get your work done girl! Take action and conquer your assignments! You got it.

How do you confront friends in a biblical way?

Okay so me and everyone else totally screw this one up all of the time! These days, people confront over text or social media usually because it doesn’t take any guts! Also, when it is over social media, not everything is said or properly addressed. The other unbiblical confrontation is something I used to struggle with a lot, which is being downright mean to people. I don’t really like being pushed around, so I would go straight up to people and basically threaten them. However, this never solved anything at all. Really, it just made the situation even worse. To confront people in a biblical way, the first thing you need to do is pray for them! Then, you should confront them one on one in a comfy and friendly environment. Be kind, too. Listen to their side of things and don’t get defensive about everything. I promise that these things won’t break your relationships, they will mend them and make them stronger than ever,

Have you ever thought about going into the mission field?

YES YES YES! One of my major life goals is to go and do missions for at least a year! I will probably do this right after high school, and I am so pumped. The more I pray for it, the more I feel like my heart is calling me to GO and explore the world. I’m thinking about doing missions either somewhere in South America or in Bali! I can’t wait to see where God calls me. If any of you feel any inclination at all to do missions DO IT. God puts desires in our hearts for a reason! Go on small trips at first, then go on bigger and longer trips once you get used to the idea and meaning of missions. There is something that just feels so right about doing missions, and I pray that some of y’all reading today will decide to do missions as well!

When did you become such a goal- oriented person?

I became super goal oriented this summer! I had made some goals and I achieved them. The results impacted my life so much, and it became almost addictive. Having goals changes your perspective, and they just make life so much better and so much more fun. Accomplishing goals is the best feeling ever, too! So y’all should go set some goals right now!

Okay so those are just a few questions I received, and I hope I answered them well! Have a good evening everyone, and hopefully you had a great Tuesday! Praying for y’all- Cams


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