Being True To Others


Okay so a trait that I have really been trying to embrace the past few weeks is one that is often overlooked. Loyalty is one of the most valuable traits in any type of relationship at all. A friendship without loyalty will simply not last. Commonly in friendships that aren’t genuine, you will see a huge fallout between two people when there is the smallest of conflicts. Or in relationships you will see a lack of loyalty and the couple will end up broken up in a pretty short amount of time. This is all honestly so sad, and a lack of loyalty can be the root to a lot of common issues that are seemingly unsolvable.

So I sort of want to encourage y’all to be loyal people in every aspect. Be a loyal friend. Don’t let your friend stay home alone crying after a hard time, be there for them. Be the one person that others know they can count on. Be the kind of friend that you have always wanted in your life.

When you are a loyal person, supporter, and friend to others; you will begin to notice that people will begin to treat you the same way in return. There’s a quote that says ” Your vibe attracts your tribe” and I know it’s a super cheesy quote and everything, but I think it has a really good message and meaning. If you have no life goals, you will attract other people who also don’t have any life goals. If you are super motivated in life, you’ll meet other people who are also super motivated. Your friends really effect how you act and how you view life around you, so make sure to choose carefully!

Be real. If you say you’re going to be someone’s friend, be all there. Put in effort because people will really appreciate it, I promise. Be open, and let yourself become friends with people you never expected to get close with. Reach out to others, don’t be afraid!

This week, I want to encourage y’all to reach out to someone new! It might be scary, but it will be so worth the awkwardness when you end up making a new friend. Have a great week y’all, and I hope you can soak on some of the words I’ve shared with you this evening, Also, be praying for me! The bible study I am hosting is on Tuesday and I’m just a little bit nervous. God will be with me though, so everything will be fine! – Cami

Author: camixdahms

Hello! I am a lifestyle blogger and college student. I hope you'll stick around :)

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