Hey everyone… so recently a death has occurred and I know that A LOT of people have been effected by it. I want to talk about this not because it is a light, joyful, and easy subject; but I want to talk about it because I want to help others deal with their own ways of mourning. I am not going to really go into the death that occurred because I don’t want to invade on the family’s privacy. I mostly am gearing today’s blog towards my peers at school who are feeling very off and emotional this week because of the sadness death brings.

I think that the situation was so heart wrenching because first of all, I haven’t really experienced death in my life at all. It truly brings on a whole new type of pain. I also am so emotional about it because the same thing could’ve happened to my brother eight years ago. I always thought that if Caleb died I would be okay, and that I would just feel like having an intense heartbreak. However, I realized that death brings different emotions. Death effects so many people, and it is truly so sad. I can’t imagine what it would be like to lose an actual family member. My heart and soul goes out to all of you who have lost someone close to you or have been upset this week about the events that have taken place.

Experiencing all of the emotions and sadness this week made me very fearful. It made me want to push everyone away, lay in bed, and turn on some sad music. It made me think about life in a different way and its sorrows. It made me ball my eyes out in Kyla’s car yesterday evening and totally ruin my mascara. Seeing how heart wrenching it was even made me want to never get married, because I realized how hard it would be to lose someone so important to you who you love so deeply.

However, thankfully, Sadie Robertson’s book arrived at my doorstep two evenings ago. Her book ( which is amazing by the way and YES when I finish it I will do a book review on it ) talks about being fearless. God doesn’t want us to be afraid, He wants us to be fearless and have faith. We can’t be afraid of death or hardships, we just have to trust in Him.

So dedicate your life to Christ today. God is LIFE. He will bring us eternal life and we can always rest in that fact. We serve a God who sees every ugly part of us and every flaw and still welcomes us into His kingdom with open arms as long as we reach back and truly want Him as our Savior. He is so good, and His love endures all.

During these rough times, place your hope in Christ and Christ alone. Remember that it is okay to be sad. If you find yourself sad, cry it out and then go pet your dog or have a dance party with your little siblings. Pain comes, but JOY will always return. Sometimes good can come out of the hard times. Pain changes people, but it can make us all closer than ever before.

This world is sad and we are flawed, but it is certainly not our home. Just rest in that fact and remember it! If anyone wants to talk or needs prayed for, as always, reach out to me and I’ll be here to talk. God is good, and He makes all things work together for our good.

– Cami

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