Relationships & Boundaries

Hey y’all! So tonight’s topic was recommended by Kenz 🙂 I also will be talking about this at my next bible study, so I’m excited to be sharing some of my words of wisdom with you!

So first of all, having a good relationship these days is HARD. Like, super hard. As a Christian, it throws in a whole different level of difficulty. I feel like dating is hard because the Bible is very grey about dating! But we have to try our best to follow The Word and walk with God through our relationships.

From being in relationships with literally no boundaries to being in one with a lot of boundaries, you’d think that not having boundaries would be way better. However, this is not the case at all. Not having boundaries left me feeling used, unloved, and like I only mattered for one thing.

Having boundaries makes me feel way more LOVED. This is because you know that the person you’re dating reallyyyyy cares about you. It makes you know that you serve more than one purpose, and that they like you for more than your body or how pretty you are. True love is patient, and if you really love each other you will wait to do things meant for marriage!

Something that I also realized was that it’s okay to mess up. We all make mistakes, and relationships typically can be trial and error at some points. God can make you pure again, I promise! If we ask for His forgiveness we will once again be cleansed by Him.

If you walk close with God, especially in your relationships, and really try to act like Jesus would, I feel like you will have a way easier time following your boundaries. Mostly, just BE GOOD! Because if y’all break up you will for sure regret what happened, I promise!

A relationship should also be intentional. For me personally, I only date people that I can truly see myself marrying. Even though we are all pretty young, this is still important. Don’t just date someone because of their image, date someone for their HEART!

Also, it’s NOT wrong to date in high school! Dating in high school is a really good thing because you can see what you like and don’t like in different boyfriends / girlfriends ( at least that’s what my momma always has told me😉) If you have no dating experience before college or whenever you wanna settle down with someone, you won’t know if you truly like all of their qualities or not! Relationships can teach us soooo much, even at a young age.

So I want to encourage you all to really value your relationships, take them seriously, and set some boundaries! Also, I have another blog post about how to achieve a Godly relationship, and if you wanna learn more about Godly relationships go check it out! I wish you all the best in your relationships, and I hope you all have an excellent week! – Cams 🤗💓

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