Change The World


My mom and I always have our best talks at the kitchen table about pretty much  anything. Life, drama, or something funny that happened during our day. Our talks always give me things to soak on and pray about.

Today we were talking about my future. What a heavy topic for a sophomore who doesn’t even have her permit haha. Anyways, I just wanted to sort of encourage and inspire you all today.

If you want to change the world, DO IT. People who want to make a difference do it. I feel like God really fuels our souls and gives us passions for a reason. I have been bugging myself with a question that we all need to ask ourselves:
Am I living a life right now that is preparing me for getting out there and changing the world in some way?

I realized today that this month, I have fallen off from my goals. I have just not really been doing a lot of things. I haven’t been blogging as much or getting much schoolwork done. I haven’t been as into God’s Word or trying to improve myself in a Godly way.

February has been pretty tough honestly. It put me in a funk, it got me caught up in everyday life. Everyday life is something that I am actually afraid of because I don’t want to live an ordinary life like everyone else. I want to do things God’s way.

Don’t let anyone determine your future except God. If you think He has big plans for you, go out and see. Be His child and submit to His Will alone. Don’t think like everyone else. Everyone else won’t live a significant life because they are small minded. Think and dream BIG. If you want to go out and travel the World, do it! If you don’t do risky things you’ll always be stuck where you are.

February put a haze over my eyes and today it was lifted. I am now seeing that things need to change right now! So I need to get back to consistently blogging, building new relationships, and living my best life for Christ. March is going to be great, and I already have some big things planned. Hopefully you all will stay tuned and see how it goes!! – Cami

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