March Recap

Hey everyone! I haven’t blogged in a while but it’s time for a monthly recap!

March has basically been a waiting game for me because I’m just ready for Spring Break, and I’m sure everyone else it too! I’m going to Florida for a week, so I’ll write a few blogs while I’m there talking about what I’m up to!

March has been about self improvement on the INSIDE. I have really been working on trying to become a better person. It is always be hard to see the faults in yourself, but sometimes we need to check them out. I also learned to accept criticism in a good way. There is usually truth in faults others recognize in you, and it is so important to hear them out and make them a strength instead of a weakness.

March has brought so many amazing memories as well! From trying new restaurants, enjoying the weather that is sightly normal, to going shopping; it has all been great. I hope that you all have made so many awesome memories this month too. I love doing these monthly recaps because they are going to be so fun to look back on when I finish off 2018.

Nothing super big or exciting happened in March, but there is beauty in simplicity. I’m just living my life, and I’m sure you all are too! I need to make some lists of things I want to get done in April so I can have some goals to work towards!

From a spiritual aspect, this month I have been trying to be more open minded and loving. So often, Christians can be hateful or discriminate other people groups. We are called to LOVE, and I am trying to do just that. We need to love the sinner, not the sin. Jesus loved the lowest people in society, the ones everyone else hated. Let’s all try to follow this example in April.

I hope you all have an awesome spring break! I know I will😊! My next blog post is going to be my monthly goals for April. I’ll be posting that tomorrow, so stay tuned 🤗 – Cami

Falling Off… And Getting Back On

Hey everyone! So lately I haven’t really been as on fire for Jesus for a lot of reasons. The first of which is the fact that I’ve been pretty busy with life in general. Things get busy and we often accidentally push away Christ. Instead of pushing away Christ during the busy times, I want to encourage and remind you to lean towards Christ. Always make time for Him even on the busy or stressful days.

I know that this is a lot easier said than done, but it is possible! Everyone goes through phases of being totally on it and totally falling apart. If you’re feeling like you have been pushing Him away, I recommend first of all praying. Pray that God will light your heart back on fire for Him. This is something that I pray about probably everyday, and it has helped my faith so much.

Something else that helps is having a specific time during the day just for prayer, worshipping, or reading your Bible. This time ensures that you’re at least getting a little closer to God everyday and learning more about Him and His love for us. I also have a specific place to worship God which helps me get in the right mindset. I like to have twinkly lights on and some coffee just because it helps me relax and really focus on what God is laying on my heart.

I feel like being a teenage makes this hard just because everything seems like the end of the world. I feel like this when any issue at all happens but it’s just because I am an emotional teenager haha. So when you’re feeling upset or sad then just yield towards Christ! His Word always calms me down and helps me get back into my eternity mindset. There’s gonna be a lot of little problems going on in our lives literally all the time, but His love is perfect. We have to remember to get through the rough times because if we keep pushing towards Him, He will reward us in Heaven.

The more you go to bible studies or worship, you will stay more on track in your faith and not fall off of the bandwagon. We must make time for Him because He is the center of our lives, not us! If it’s all for Him, then we need to live every moment of our lives for Him.

PSALM 37:5

Commit your way to the Lord; trust in Him, and He will act

If there’s something that you feel like you prioritize over your time with God everyday, try to abstain from it for a while when you need to spend time diving into The Word. I know that I personally struggle with being on my phone too much, so whenever I’m having my Jesus time I always shut down my phone and leave it downstairs. Whatever your distraction is, try to actively eliminate it so you can fully focus on God.

Remember to make time for Him and He will show His love to us daily 💓- Cami

” You try too hard.”


The title of this blog is a comment that I tend to get a lot in regards to my blog. So today I want to talk about it. I know that a lot of people probably think this and it’s totally fine. It actually makes me so happy when people tell me this, and it encourages me to persevere and try even harder.

Guys, you can’t be great without having crazy dreams or goals. You’ll never accomplish your dreams without ” Trying too hard. ” You reap what you sow, and if I didn’t try hard on my blogs, I would never reach as many people! You won’t accomplish anything in life without working for it.

In spreading God’s love, we need to try too hard. Mediocre faith and a mediocre love for Christ leads to no where. I believe that in all we do it needs to be done to the best of our abilities. I have big dreams and plans for this blog and for my life, so yes, i am going to try ” too hard. ” Not because I find security in it but because I want my blog to be GREAT and I want it to be amazing.

So if you’re thinking that I try too hard on my blog, I encourage you to go out and find something you truly have a passion for. Find something that you can try ” too hard ” in and see what amazing results you will get. Hard work and big dreams are two things others often frowned upon, but that won’t stop me from working super hard on my blog.

Often times I feel guilty because I feel like I could be doing so much more with this blog. The whole purpose of it is to bring others to Christ and plant a seed of how GOOD His love is. I hope and pray that God will touch every single one of your hearts, and that He will plant passions in you that equip you to spread His love in amazing and unique ways. Everyone is a inspiration to someone, so keep doing your thing.

Colossians 3:23-24  ESV

Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward. You are serving the Lord Christ.

Have a great evening y’all and remember to never give up on the passions God has planted in you! – Cami

February Recap

Hey everyone! Sorry I’ve been gone a few days- I’ve been working on school and I spent some time in Ohio with my family! I did a recap of January about a month ago, so today I’m going to be doing a recap of February and how it went for me!

So February was a pretty good month! I really started learning how to live fearless and bold and also got into my prayer journal on a deeper level. My faith grew a lot this month, and I’m so excited to see how my growth equips me to help others grow in their faith.

I also got a lot more confident in myself. I actually went without makeup in public for the first time in probably four years! Some people may not think this is a big accomplishment, but it really was a BIG step for me.

I had so much fun in February mainly because I had lots of time with friends! Being so busy sometimes kept me from blogging, but sometimes real life takes over and you don’t have time to blog as much haha. I loved all the time I got to spend with others and I made so many awesome memories.

Me and Bryce hung out a ton and had lots of laughs which was super great ( he’s in Puerto Rico right now so I’m missing him a ton! ) I had a couple excellent bible studies with some amazing girls, and I didn’t let stress or anxiety get to me. I stayed strong and didn’t let the problems of life get rid of my happiness, so that was a huge step for me!

February was for the most part just so much fun. I tried to treat everyday like it was significant, and I learned that everyday is significant and special in its own way. I can’t wait to see what March brings, and I also can’t wait to finish it up because I’m headed to Florida at the end of it hahaha.

I hope you all had a great weekend, sending positive vibes and prayers your way! xoxo- Cami