What’s Our Mindset?


Have you ever been afraid of something really dumb? Like maybe you’re nervous to try out for the sports team, or you wanna wear a new sweater you thrifted over the weekend but it’s a littleeee bit outdated.  Well I totally feel like this all of the time, and I’m sure there are other people out there who feel the same way! Something I am beginning to realize is that life is all about your mindset.

If you live in fear, your life will be fearful and basically just not fun, which is something that no one wants! Fear grips onto us so tight and it clouds our vision. It makes us not wanna do things and it makes us miserable.

This school year there have been SO many things I have been afraid of. I have used that fear to grow from it and try to conquer life with a new mindset. Through Christ, we can begin to have a mindset that doesn’t sweat over the little worldly things like picking out your outfit or not doing so hot on your latest math test ( I can relate )

Christ gives us a new identity. One that is pure and original. One that conquers the world and sin and everything ugly with a positive heart. He makes us bold and fearless. He gives us a mindset that prepares us for the battle that this life here on earth is.

So if your mindset isn’t too great, fix it! Dive into your Bibles or some prayer, and God will change your heart. Today in chapel at school the man leading worship played the song Reckless Love. I have been obsessed with that song for sooo long, but I hadn’t listened to it for a couple of weeks. It felt so good to hear that song again.

 His love is overwhelming. It’s never changing. It’s reckless. It chases us down until it finds us again.

If your mindset isn’t so good, go listen to that song! It seriously puts everything into perspective. For me, it made me realize that no matter what is going on in my life, God will still chase after my heart. WARNING… if you listen to that song it will probably make you cry, it’s that good!

They always say that if something doesn’t matter in five years, it isn’t something you should be stressing out about. Though sometimes this saying is wrong, it holds a lot of underlying truth. Don’t sweat about the little things in life or the big things will make you crumble. Remember to rest in God because He has a plan for us. A plan so wonderful and crazy that we can’t even comprehend it.

I hope y’all are having a good week and hopefully my blog touched you somehow today!!- Cami 🙂

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