Okay everyone! So I have always had a Pinterest account, but lately I have been totally obsessing over it. It is so much fun to organize things you love into boards with more things that you love. Many people all over the world use Pinterest as well, and it makes me wonder why it is truly so appealing.

I think one of the reasons Pinterest is appealing is because first of all, it brings a sense of organization. Did you forget to do your homework? Is your room a mess? Well at least you have a Pinterest board for organization tips and aesthetically pleasing notes someone else worked hard to make.

Pinterest helps us have control. We decide what goes on our boards, what boards we create, and how many pins we “pin” everyday. We are in charge of the account, and everything is filtered through our own likes and dislikes.

Since I use it so much, I like to think and see if I can come up with a spiritual message that can relate to Pinterest and using it. Sooooo I started thinking. Just like how we create intricate Pinterest boards with thousands of topics, GOD creates us with even more detail and thought.

He knows every single thing about us. He keeps our best interests at heart and He even places His great qualities in us so we can properly reflect Him and share His love with others. Our Pinterest accounts are often filled with things that are appealing and pleasing to us. I think this can reflect on the fact that GOD created us in a way that is appealing to Him.

He made us all beautifully and just how we are meant to be. Every quality He has given us is given to us for a reason. Even if this quality can be thought of as a “flaw”, there’s still a reason we have it.

We are His beautiful and wonderful creations. So let’s start living like it. If you’re feeling insecure or inadequate about the way you look or how bad you are at a sport, remember that GOD created you. When you don’t like something about yourself, you are basically saying that you don’t like God’s creation!

Back to the topic of organization. Just like how we plan and create our Pinterest boards, God plans our life. Just like what I touched on yesterday, God has a plan. Even if life seems disorganized or even borderline crazy, we will see eventually that every mistake or moment of chaos creates something beautiful that glorifies Him.

Even though Pinterest can somewhat help us feel like we are in control, we have to remember that though life can be unorganized and chaotic; God is always in control. So don’t worry, He knows what’s going on in your life and you should just relax and let God guide.

I know this is a light message today, but I pray it gives you something to soak on! I hope your Wednesday was great. Comment and share something that God has revealed to you lately.  xoxo- Cami

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