Personal Growth

Hey y’all! So something I’ve been soaking on today is how blogging has helped me grow in my own personal faith. It’s funny because I started this blog to reach and encourage others. Over time, this blog has instead been such an encouragement and comfort to me. I hope it can comfort you as well. 💕

Running a faith-based blog is a lot different than writing a blog about cooking, parenting, or beauty tips. Though those blogs are great and entertaining, running a faith-based blog has helped me in many unexpected ways. It helps me keep a standard and have a purpose.

When I started this blog, I didn’t really have big plans for it or goals. I simply did it for fun when there was a moment to document in my life! I started blogging a lot more this previous winter, and it made me realize that even the small things can be documented and used to glorify God. I began to realize that God has a purpose for everything. Every trial, every laugh, and every struggle. He leaves His mark on everything good in this world.

Blogging has also helped me learn to really focus on living out my faith. It helps me set a standard for myself and try to reflect Christ at all times. I 100% have not mastered this at all, but it has helped me grow a lot nevertheless. No one will take you seriously if you’re preaching about God’s goodness but aren’t living it out at all times. Blogging has helped me mature in this aspect and care a lot more about my actions and how I portray myself to everyone else. Like I said, I’m not perfect at all and I still have a ton of slip ups but a little growth is worth celebration in my eyes.

Thank you to all who read my blogs or have even looked at it once or twice. Your support and interest has really been a motivation to me to keep going. Almost 6,000 views and 31 countries later, this blog is already reached many more and encouraged many more than I expected. I hope this blog has been an encouragement to you and has helped you grow in some way!

Remember that life is good, and God is great 💓 – Cami

Author: camixdahms

Hello! I am a lifestyle blogger and college student. I hope you'll stick around :)

5 thoughts on “Personal Growth”

  1. Blogging definitely creates a wonderful feeling when it’s done! I enjoyed reading this post and I feel the same way! Something as simple as expressing myself has changed my life tremendously.

    With love,

    melonstorie 💕

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