Being Distracted


Hey guys! Something I have been soaking on today is the fact that there are so many little distractions that keep us from really getting into God’s Word. Whether it is being too tired, not having enough time, or needing to study for that Chemistry test tomorrow; our brains can always think of literally hundreds of things that we “need” to be doing during the times we are intending to do something else. I totally have been falling into this trap countless times…. so I have put together a few tips y’all can use and think about so you won’t fall into distraction and laziness like I tend to do sometimes haha!

My first tip is to pray that you’ll be on fire for Jesus. I do this when I am not as motivated about God or when I am just having a rough day. It truly helps so much. PRAYER WORKS GUYS AND GALS. Don’t be afraid to ask God for something because He will give us what we ask for ESPECIALLY if we have pure intentions about it and want to use it for God’s glory!

My second tip is to make a routine. I once saw a quote that said, ” Don’t squeeze God into your life; plan your life around God.” This goes so well with what I am talking about today and it has really stuck with me. I even wrote it down on an index card and stuck it in my room! Plan a certain time when you will dedicate all your time to getting into The Word. Some people do this super early in the morning, during their lunch break, or right before bed. Whatever works for you is great! Prioritize your time with Him just like how you prioritize a time for homework, naps, or working out. Once you have a routine set in stone you will find that it is a lot easier to follow God.

The final tip I’m going to leave with you is to have a friend help you out. Accountability is sometimes something you need to give you that extra push to get things done. Have a friend text you to remind you to do your Bible study or have them ask how your relationship with Christ is going.

To end this blog I am going to leave you with a metaphor. When you get fast food it usually is because you don’t wanna cook dinner or are having a quick craving. After you eat fast food, you typically feel gross and guilty because who knows what you even just digested? Anyways, you usually don’t feel satisfied or content in the end. Going through a drive thru is like a lot of Christian’s devotions. They leave you feeling like you just wasted your time and just went through the motions. Something quick and easy with no spiritual fulfillment.

Our devotions and time with Christ should be like a homemade meal. One that has some love and meaning put into it. It takes a bit more time, but it has so much more value. I encourage you to crave something more. Push for something spiritually nutritious that will change your life.

Y’all, if you devote a time for God everyday, your life will be so much better. Even within a couple weeks time, you will notice some big changes. You will see life in a new light! Just try it out! Trust me, you won’t want to put your Bibles down! – Cami

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Hello! I am a lifestyle blogger and college student. I hope you'll stick around :)

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