Falling Away


Hey guys! So today I am going to be writing another post about Pilgrim’s Progress. I went through the book more today in class and the section we were discussing went over how Christian’s backslide in their faith. Though the book was written in the 1600’s, it still is so applicable to our lives as followers of Christ. So, today I will be talking to you about the nine things that this book lists for people backsliding in their faith.

  1. You stop thinking about God. When you are a Christian, God is often always somewhere in your mind. When you begin to stop thinking about God, He probably is not the center of your life.
  2. You stop praising God in private. This is the point where you stop having that personal time with Jesus. You don’t pray or read your Bible. You basically stop your spiritual growth.
  3. You stop associating yourself with Christians. You don’t hang out with your old Christian friends and you aren’t expressing your religion to others.
  4. You stop going to church. You stop going to any church, Bible study, or youth group because you don’t really feel the need to hear about Christ. You also do not want to be around Christians, especially in a public setting.
  5. You begin talking badly about other Christians. This is the point in which you begin picking out small flaws in Christians that you think prove why they shouldn’t be taken seriously. You also are just rude to other people in general.
  6. You begin associating yourself with the wrong crowd. We all know that we act like the people we are friends with. So, you know you are falling away from your faith when you want to hang around that rougher crowd at school or work, especially when you are influenced by them in a bad way.
  7. You begin to sin in secret. This is when you begin to not feel conviction about things you used to feel horrible about. You begin to slowly but surely fall into sin.
  8. Sin openly. This point is self explanatory. You don’t feel bad about sinning and don’t care if other see you sin or making poor life decisions.
  9. Lose your faith. You aren’t a Christian anymore and you do not trust in Christ.

These points don’t necessarily follow a specific order or system. Sometimes we notice that we struggle with some of these points and not some of the others. I know that I have struggled with many of these points, and now that I have them written down I can use them to make sure I am not doing the things that will cause me to fall away from my faith. I want to encourage you to not give up on your faith. Keep living for Christ!- Cami

Colossians 2:6-7

6So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as LORD, continue to live your lives in him, 7rooted and built up in him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness.

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7 thoughts on “Falling Away”

  1. You have so much wisdom. Man, the problems I could have avoided if I had your spiritual knowledge when I was young. Keep up the great work, little sister. You’re going to make a big impact for the Kingdom.

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