He Takes Care Of Us

Hey everyone, today I just wanna give you some encouragement and reminders that put life into perspective!

No matter what you’re going through, no matter how many times you mess up, God is always with you. When you are crying, He is with you. When you feel like your world is caving in, He is with you. When we are eating junk food and laughing with our friends, He is with you. Even when God is the last thought on our minds, and even when we don’t do our devotions for a month, He is loving you more in that moment than anyone on this earth could ever love you.

This life isn’t meant to be faced alone. Why do we keep fighting against our problems when God has already won? This fact is applicable for every situation in life. When you fail all of your finals and feel stupid. When you’re feeling insecure. When life doesn’t go the way you planned. BUT even though these moments seem dark and awful and like a big black hole that sucks the joy out of you, we have to remember that God has a plan.

Be thankful for your struggles. Be thankful for what is going on in your life at this very moment. I know it sounds crazy, but rejoice in the craziness. God is on your side. FOREVER. The battle you are trying to fight at this very moment isn’t even in your hands. It’s in God’s hands. So just chill out and let God take care of you! We can’t get through this life on our own~ Cami 😊💓

Author: camixdahms

Hello! I am a lifestyle blogger and college student. I hope you'll stick around :)

3 thoughts on “He Takes Care Of Us”

      1. That would be awesome 🙂

        If you check my link it will give the “rules”. It is just a cool way to get outside of our “norm”, though with each one I did I tied it in with the overall scheme of my blog. The first challenge I did actually rejuvenated me.


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