Love Moves Mountains

Love is a beautiful, legit thing.

I believe that with my whole being. Love can overcome anything, love can shape you, love can make you a better person. Love can open your heart to so many new feelings and emotions.

Love isn’t going to be perfect. There’s no such thing as a perfect relationship. Some types of love don’t last. Your type of relationship “goals” or a certain type of relationship you’re trying to achieve may not last. Remember that a cute Snapchat story or Instagram picture is just a minuscule part of relationships. Every relationship has struggles, some so big that they fall apart.

If your relationship doesn’t work out, turn to the Bible. It says, “ Love does not fail. If it failed, it wasn’t love. “ love is SO important. No matter how old you are, no matter what phase of life you’re in, no matter who it is. It can be your boyfriend, best friend, your mom. Love can and WILL move mountains. Love is the key unit of achieving the impossible.

God puts things together and breaks them apart because it’s for your own good. He brings people into your life because they are a key part of your story. They will turn you into who you’re created to be. Sometimes when we lose a friend, it’s okay. Maybe their chapter was supposed to end. It doesn’t mean we have to be sad about it. We can GROW! This is applicable for any type of relationship.

Also remember that sometimes what we WANT isn’t what we NEED. No matter how much it hurts, we have to trust in Him. God doesn’t put you through things to break you. He puts you through things that will grow and change you. He puts you through things he knows you can fight through. They may seem bad now, but they serve a much greater purpose.

When you love others, love them with all your heart. Don’t let heartbreak harden you, and love LIMITLESS. Don’t live a life where in 50 years you are sitting on your porch wondering what would’ve happened if you loved a little more. Now is the time. Love with all you’ve got!!

I apply this advice in my life with Bryce leaving for the Coast Guard in a couple months. Though it is going to be so hard at first and even though the timing seems awful, it is God’s timing, so it is the perfect timing. He has a plan for me and Bryce, and it is bigger than either of us can comprehend. It will for sure push us to our limits, but it will also show both of us that love conquers all. Love everyone through the hard times and through the easy times as well.

I hope you’re all having a great week and a great SUMMER 😊💕 I love you all so much- Cami

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