3 Day Quote Challenge~ Day 1

Hello friends 😊 I’m going to be doing a three day challenge that talks about quotes. I have to pick three quotes and basically talk about why I chose them! The first quote I chose is pictured above!

I chose this quote because I feel like it demonstrates life in a beautiful way. Oftentimes, we feel like we are constantly falling apart. Like things are hopeless. Like we are constantly in a funk.

Life is hard, but life is beautiful. The hard times lead up to some of the most beautiful concepts that in our darkness, we cannot even comprehend.

We are constantly growing and changing. Everyone becomes more beautiful and more complicated as time goes on. Our lives are rich with emotion and memories. And we are blooming. We are constantly becoming the people that God created us to be.

If we chose God, we go from being a small seed to becoming a wonderful flower. We need God so we can blossom. His rich love waters our souls and the joy He brings into our lives is the ray of sunshine we always crave. The process is beautiful. It’s complicated. It’s more than our human brains can comprehend. But the end result is better than we ever expected.

If you are facing a hard time right now, remember how it will change you. It will make you stronger. It will teach you a lesson. Every sorrow has a glimmer of hope if you chose Jesus. Remember that you will move past this! You will grow and change and achieve anything you set your mind to. Have a blessed day and an amazing week! – Cami

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