3 Day Quote Challenge~ Day 2

Hey everyone! So this is going to be day two of the quote challenge I’m doing:) I chose this quote because it’s just so GOOD! I love it so much!

Everyone tends to think they are a mess. They think things could be better, or that they could organize their lives more. We all are irresponsible and a bit of a mess at times.

I feel like a mess all of the time. My hair is never brushed, makeup is always a little messed up, and my room is… well you can’t even see the floor. I don’t have a routine, my brain is either totally focused or in la la land. I’m super inconsistent. I’m the type of person who has zero balance.

I either love so deeply it hurts or I don’t care at all. I’m the warmest person you’ll ever meet and the next moment I’ll be coldest person in the room. I’m either super talkative and fun or completely silent. I’ll go to bed at nine pm one night and four am the next. I’m just a mess!

And that comes with being a teenage I’m sure, but it’s okay to be a mess. In our lives we have many messes. But we have to love them. We have to love the worst parts of ourselves and try to make them the best. We have to embrace who we are. God made us just how we are supposed to be. He made us in His PERFECT image. So we have to love who He created us to be, mess and all~ Cami

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