Even In The Stillness

For such a long time I would feel so discouraged because I would look and search for the presence of God and so desperately long for the chills and that warm fuzzy feeling that you get when you’re worshipping or reading your Bible. BUT one day I figured out that the true glory and the wonder of God can also be felt in the stillness of life. It can be felt by the stillness of who He is at heart.

Sometimes, when we aren’t feeling The Holy Spirit tugging on our hearts and souls as much, we think that maybe we are falling away from our faith. This can certainly be the case at times. However, the presence of God is there. God doesn’t always speak loudly to us. He is always capable of being close to us, so close that He can show you the goodness in His heart from just a simple whisper.

For a period of time in my life about nine months ago, I desperately wanted to feel God’s presence in a heavy way. I always wanted to be wrecked by God. I wanted Him to pick apart my soul and turn it into a masterpiece made to serve Him. I wanted Him to show me who He was in a BIG way.

But over those past nine months, I’ve realized something. Who God is, doesn’t have to be shouted from the mountaintops every single time. Don’t get me wrong; I for sure believe that God does some crazy, extravagant, and amazing things. But what I realized is that God can also be very peaceful. He can be calm. He can be quiet.

God isn’t just with you when you are on that Holy Spirit high. He isn’t just with you when you’re worshiping or when you’re on a mission trip. His spirit is ALWAYS with us. He’s with us in our moments of sin. He’s with us when we are eating our breakfast. He’s with us when we are in our most broken moments of life.

This summer, a thought that I’ve been deeply contemplating is that God is not only our creator, He is also our Father. On one hand, He literally spoke the universe into existence and created everything we’ve ever known. On the other hand, He is a peaceful, loving Father that wants nothing more than a relationship with us. With YOU!

God doesn’t only exist in the moments He is most apparent. He can be found in the peace and quiet. As His followers, we must stop limiting God to moving us and speaking by hearing the mountains tremble and begin to understand that He is truly capable of so much more. God is a God who can make peace out of any storm you may face.

We work so hard to feel God and feel His presence, which is an honorable thing. But we forget He’s already there. He’s already working. He’s already moving. Sometimes I feel like we live Sunday to Sunday, or conference to conference, just waiting for God to do something and waiting for God to speak.

But, He’s already there! You don’t have to wait! The presence of God is already with you and is ALWAYS with you, and I think that’s a beautiful and wonderful thing to soak on. His presence lives inside of us. Remember that.

Author: camixdahms

Hello! I am a lifestyle blogger and college student. I hope you'll stick around :)

6 thoughts on “Even In The Stillness”

  1. “…and after the fire, a still small voice.” (1 Kings 19:12) Your post just reminded me of this verse. How true it is, sometimes God impresses something on our hearts in such a big and inescapable way, and sometimes in tiny whispers. May we be tuned to hear His every whisper in our lives. God bless you, my friend!

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