Life Lessons

. Hey everyone! Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while! I’ve been super busy lately. School is starting, and it feels like I don’t have a spare minute to breathe.

This weekend is college orientation, it’s currently 12:05 pm, and I have to wake up at 6. So let’s hope that goes well haha. Sometimes I just can’t sleep because I have a lot of stuff on my mind!

It’s been a while since Bryce has been gone, and it’s been pretty hard not having him here when I’m stressed or need someone to talk to. His presence is definitely missed right now in my life. Sometimes you don’t truly appreciate people until they are gone. Bryce defiantly brought some craziness to my life, and somedays were a bit hectic. But he makes me more fun! And reminds me to let loose sometimes. So now I have to remember to give myself some chill time to let God take control of what the next step should be. I downloaded the Sandboxx app so I could write him some letters, and my second one is on its way. I’m really excited for him to get my letters! I pray that they will be a great encouragement to him.

It’s approximately 1 month, 5 days, 23 hours, 51 minutes, and 24 seconds until he graduates bootcamp. It’s crazy how slow the days go by, but how fast the weeks go by. Next week will already be his third week! So everyone who reads this, please pray that Bryce will be having a great week and pray that he will grow in his faith during this hard time of life! I’m sure he would appreciate it! It’s hard not having a boyfriend to talk to, but I’m thankful I can be here and support him through it all.

I’m also thankful that I have been super busy the past couple weeks! I started my high school classes, taught my first seminar on the book of Daniel, randomly joined the volleyball team at my high school, and am beginning my college orientations. Classes start Tuesday. I’m super nervous about them! Something that I’ve struggled with is putting God first in these busy and hard times. Lately I have been resting on the fact that attitude is everything! If I stay positive, everything will work itself out.

Something else I keep thinking about is how God breaks us apart before He builds us up to who He wants us to be. Through these past few weeks, God is making me so strong. I am learning that faith is like working out a muscle. While you are doing the workout, you think it’s the worst part. You don’t think you can get through it. You finally finish it, and you feel so happy it’s finally over. But then it isn’t over. You still hurt for a few days afterwords. You have to climb some stairs, or pick up some textbooks and the pain comes back again. But after those few days past, your muscle is brand new. It’s strong again. It’s rebuilt, and even better than before. Sometimes the pain of life is worth the results we find at the end, and that’s a concept I’m going to accept as a truth in my life.

Be praying for me this week, everyone! – Cami

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