Sixteen Lessons I Learned At Age Sixteen

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Hey everyone! Since my birthday is this Thursday, I thought I should make this post to talk about lessons in life I have learned this year. I have had an amazing year and I am so thankful for how blessed I am! So, lets get started!!

  1. Social media doesn’t matter as much as you think it does. It is so easy to get caught up with likes, followers, etc. I went through a phase this year where I was totally obsessed with those things. No one actually pays attention to this kinda thing so you shouldn’t either. Put more time into being a real, interesting person with a life outside of a good Instagram picture or funny tweet.
  2. Be kind to others and put genuine effort into your relationships. If you put in a mediocre effort into others, you will have lukewarm friendships. If you are kind to others, it will bring so much joy into your soul and spirit! You will find yourself a happier and mentally healthier person. People will pour into you if you pour into them!
  3. Read your Bible all of the time. It will get you through literally anything life throws at you. I think in my life I have been pretty bad about reading my Bible honestly. But the past few months I have deeply dove into The Word and it has changed my life and perspective so much. If you struggle with reading your Bible, try getting something like an interleaved or journaling Bible. I know having both of these things has helped me a lot, plus lots of prayer of course!
  4. Work really hard in all that you do, you will never regret trying your best. Put your best foot forward in all of the things you are involved in. You will gain so much out of your efforts!
  5. Everyone doesn’t hate you, so don’t be shy! I used to be super paranoid about what other people think of me, but now I don’t care as much. Instead of being the awkward person quietly sitting in the corner of the room, this school year, I have tried to reach out to others instead. Through being friendly, I have made so many more friends and am so happy!
  6. Don’t be fearful or worry. I have struggled with this a lot this past year. Oftentimes I catch myself thinking, ” What if…” and it doesn’t help anything. I still struggle with this, but I am trying to trust in God more instead of worrying too much. Things like college, future jobs, marriage, and life in general seem so unknown to us. BUT God has a plan for us. If he told us right now what His plan was for us, we wouldn’t even believe Him because He is that amazing! We have authority over what we think about through Jesus Christ. Have an Isaiah 41:10 mindset!!
  7. Spend less time on your phone and more time on things you genuinely love. For about six months of this past year, I went through this weird phase where I didn’t know who I was or what I even liked to do with my free time. I seriously think that it was because the only thing I did was play on my phone! I still am on it more than I would like to be, but I also set aside times where I can paint, read, blog, and pour into my friends. Life is so much more fulfilling when phones are out of the picture! Be a person who is fully in the moment.
  8. Pursue your passions, but don’t idolize them. There are so many things I love! I love school, I love volleyball, and I love making blog posts! But I have idolized them way too much at different times this year. I was too obsessed with this blog, so now I don’t post just for views, I post when I genuinely want to talk to you guys about my life and what God is calling me to. The only way to conquer these idols is to love God MORE.
  9. Portray yourself in a Godly way. One of my life goals is to have people not see me when they look at me. I want people to see Jesus. I want to be the kind of person where The Holy Spirit is so filled in me that others feel it. Sometimes I don’t act like I should, and I’m sure others see it. I want to be blameless, transparent, and pure. God calls us to clothe ourselves in righteousness not just when we are in a easy setting, but all of the time.
  10. Your reputation or status literally does not matter at all. After being in college these past eight weeks, I realized that high school does not matter at all. I get to be myself at college! I don’t have to try to uphold an image of being cool because cool isn’t a reflection of who we are! You are so much more than being popular. You are a person that God made in His image. Be who you are, not who the world tells you to be!
  11. Mindset and perspective changes your life. Be thankful for that class that seems hard because God has blessed you with an education! When you are going through something difficult, remember that it is a blessing. God is teaching you so much and teaching you how to have perseverance. Be joyful, because life is so beautiful and amazing. Seek His kingdom.
  12. Don’t be insecure, you are made in God’s image! I struggle with this one big time! I always want to look a certain way or uphold an image. But, God is telling us something totally different! He sets us apart. His standards are constant, they never change, and He seals his approval on our lives. Be beautiful from the inside, not the outside. Focus on the inner beauty because one day the outer beauty fades and you will be old and wrinkly!
  13. Love what phase of life you are in right now because it is not eternal. In a couple months from now, your life may be totally different. Be in the moment. Love your friends and your classes. Embrace the world around you and enjoy it. Don’t take time with friends and family for granted.
  14. You HAVE to put your faith first in your life. Nothing else, no matter how much you love it, will fulfill you like Jesus Christ. People aren’t perfect, they will fail you sometimes no matter how great they may be. It will help you conquer the hardest points in your life. It will fulfill you so much that it will overwhelm you. Have confident trust in God. Don’t have confidence in yourself, have confidence in Christ alone. He provides us exactly what we need in this life.
  15. Life is hard, but you can conquer them and grow from them. This year has thrown some super tough things at me. Gaining and losing friends, having Bryce go to boot camp, and some other personal problems have had me laying in bed with headphones in pleading to God to provide me with comfort through the trials. And He did! God helps us conquer all problems and He has a plan for us all. The suffering we face now will not compare to the glory in our lives that is to come.
  16. We have to be willing to say “yes” to God. We hold ourselves back more than anyone else does. Let go of everything you are and instead give yourself to Him. Confide in God. Step up and be who God has made you to be. The time is now!

So there is my very long list of lessons. This year has had so much spiritual growth. I am so excited to see what being seventeen will throw at me. For those of you who have followed my journey this long, thank you for bearing with me! Have a blessed week- Cami

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4 thoughts on “Sixteen Lessons I Learned At Age Sixteen”

  1. 8. Pursue your passions but don’t idolize them.
    That’s a very mature insight. So often we define ourselves by our jobs, degree, significant other, our talents… None of those are who we are. We are God’s beautiful , handmade creations. That is all we need to be to be happy.


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