The Best Fall Break (Bryce’s Graduation!)

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Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

Hello everyone! It feels like it has been forever since I’ve last blogged even though it’s only been like a week. Life changes so quickly. The leaves are falling, the air is getting a little chilly, and a hot coffee is the one thing I am always craving. Today I am going to be talking about my ( very short ) trip to Cape May and getting to see Bryce. I always have been blessed to go on a trip every time I have school off, and I am looking forward to go visit Bryce for some of my breaks from school!

So on Wednesday, my family began the long drive from Indiana to New Jersey. I am not a huge fan of road trips, especially when all of my little siblings are in the car, but I was still very thankful for it because it was a way to get to Bryce. I spend the entire drive working on my interleaved Bible, listening to music, and sleeping. Here is a list of some songs I couldn’t resist playing over and over this trip 🙂

So Will I ( 100 Billion X )~ Hillsong United 

Speechless~ Dan+Shay 

Broken~ lovelytheband


Thick And Thin~ LANY ( and basically every song on every album haha )

Anyways, after driving until about one in the morning, we stopped at a Airbnb in Lancaster. Then, when we woke up the next morning, it was my birthday! I got to have Starbucks for my birthday so that was pretty exciting. I got the Pink Drink ( which is the most basic drink but it is honestly SO amazing! ) and a breakfast sandwich so I was pretty pumped. We had about four more hours to drive, and I started getting nervous!

I had not seen Bryce in ten weeks, so I didn’t really know what to expect. I read some articles online that said some girl’s boyfriends completely were changed after boot camp. For some reason I was worried that Bryce wasn’t going to like me anymore or something, which was dumb! I know that I tend to get caught up in worries sometimes, and I’m sure there are other girls that do as well. But we have to constantly remind ourselves that God is in control of the entire situation and He has a plan for every course of action in our lives.

Anyways, after those few hours of driving, my family finally  arrived in Cape May! We did some sight seeing and I got to get some cute stickers for my water bottle. Most people don’t do this, but if you’re a teenage girl, you understand haha. There are sooo many cute streets and shops in Cape May so I will for sure include some cute aesthetic pictures down below.

Anyways, after some sight seeing and getting some ice cream, we went to our next Airbnb so we could get to sleep pretty early because I had a big day that I had been waiting for since August Seventh! I was so excited to see Bryce and I was also really nervous because I hadn’t seen him in so long.

The time to see him finally came the next day! I made my way to his graduation and sat through the entire thing just waiting to see him. That hour of watching the graduation was the longest hour of my life! He was right in front of me and I was just ready to give him a hug!

I finally got my hug and was reunited with him. He looked sooo good and I was so proud of him. Getting to see him graduate was honestly such a life highlight for me. Those ten weeks of being sad, praying, and missing him so much were finally over. I was so happy, and I am so lucky and blessed that I got to see him that day.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

After the graduation and a super long drive home ( I got home at four am ) I got to sleep in and then go see Bryce at a wedding. Him getting to come home for a few days was also a huge blessing. We spent my whole fall break visiting with his family, watching movies til super late, and having so much fun.

It was really hard for me to have him leave again this Wednesday. Having someone back for a few days and then having them leave once again makes the pain even worse. Thankfully, I get to talk to him more now and also will get to go visit on Christmas break. I already miss him so, so much and I don’t know how it will be to not have him here for who knows how long. But, I will of course support any decision he makes and will be so proud of him through every life situation.

All of this has honestly been really hard on me, but God has a plan for me and Bryce. He works in such amazing ways that we sometimes don’t see until we look back at our lives a month, year, or decade later. He knows what’s going to happen next, so I don’t need to worry about anything. Prayers would be greatly appreciated for Bryce since he just started his first job in Virginia. Pray that I will do okay without him being here! Thank you for following our journey, I hope you will stay tuned until next time. Xoxo~ Cami 🙂

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