Getting into God’s Word

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Hey everyone! I hope you have all been having the best of weeks. With a new session of classes beginning and the cold weather coming, I have been pretty busy ( and cold ) haha I am NOT a fan of cold weather. Anyways, today I want to talk to all of you about how I have improved at getting into God’s Word.

So, before I begin lets do a little bit of background information on my journey of getting into my Bible. Whenever I would read books or other blogs about reading the Bible, people would always talk about how it changed their lives. They talked about how they craved it and always mediated on it. They talked about how close it made them feel to God and how they would hear Him speak to them daily.

And me? Well I just wasn’t feeling it. I would try to read my Bible, but I just was not identifying with others growth. I didn’t feel more connected to God and I didn’t know how to get into a routine of reading my Bible. I would read the entire book of Exodus in a day and not understand why I didn’t feel different. I would listen to Christian speakers or teachers at school and not get how significant God’s Word was.

But something I had to realize was the Bible isn’t just a book. It isn’t a romance novel or your college textbook. You can’t read, enjoy, or study it to the fullest potential if your heart isn’t in it and if The Holy Spirit isn’t in it right there with you. You can’t read the whole Bible in a certain amount of time and expect to suddenly be the “perfect” Christian.

The Bible is so much more than just a book. It has so many layers of deep meaning. It changes our lives. It is the guideline of how we should live our lives and it is literally God speaking to us. His Word is active and it is alive.

So, I think the first step in the journey of consistently getting into your Bible is to realize what the Bible is and the depth of God’s Word. Sometimes it takes people longer to understand this than others. If you think the Bible is just a average book, you won’t feel a difference. If you want to grow in your Bible studies you have to have a growth mindset. The Bible is like a stream through the desert, we need it in our faith. It gets us through this life here on earth.

The next step I would offer is to pray more. Before you read your Bible, take a few minutes to pray that God’s presence would be in your Bible reading. You could thank Him for your day, or even pray over a verse!

A blessing in my life that has helped me so much is having a journaling Bible. I am the type of person who loves to take notes over literally anything, and I love taking notes about sermons or in Bible studies. Whenever I had sermon notes or a handout that I took notes on, I would always just put them to the side or even throw them away. I also would try to write in the margins of my Bible really small to the point where you couldn’t even read it! So, I was so blessed to discover journaling Bibles! You can take notes in the margins and it is the best Bible ever if you are a note taker like I am. Having a Bible you like can really help you enjoy getting into The Word even more.

Finally, get into The Word everyday. When I have a day where I don’t read my Bible, I feel so off centered and off. Have a set time to read your Bible! I usually prefer to read mine in the morning before my classes. I know that some people prefer to read their Bible at a different time of day, which is fine as well! Make your experience with the Lord personal to you because His relationship with you is personal to Him as well.

“Nobody ever outgrows Scripture; the book widens and deepens with our years.” -Charles Spurgeon

Thank you so much for reading today’s post and I hope you enjoyed it! If you have any questions or comments feel free to ask:) – Cami

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2 thoughts on “Getting into God’s Word”

  1. God Bless you Cami, I have been trying to find my faith again I sort of lost it after my sisters death at the young of 47. I started bible journaling and it seems to have helped but I would love to know where to fine and bible journal with the wide margins.

    Thank and God Bless


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